quinta-feira, 2 de dezembro de 2010

Freedom - Por que recebemos o Título de Propriedade e podemos voltar a nossa possessão !

Freedom - Por Ir. Oba Walker & Santos


I didn't see him walk up that lonely hill
neither his bloody footprints 
that marked the path to his sufferings
as the nails pierced his hands and feet
the veil was rent in two 
he saw the vision 
this blood-bought church
he saw me , he saw you
now we are loosed 
from all our bondage 
our shackles they are all gone
death you still have no sting 
I can still hear his blood cry 
Freedom! Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!


The blood still cries freedom 
from bondage and sin
You don't don't have to 
worry at the foot of the cross 
he wrote our names
sealed with the blood 
of the spotless lamb
hold on to God's unchanging hand
the blood still cries freedom look and live


I have heard but now I see 
what the blood can do 
for you and me
It has quicken our souls and made us whole
we have sweet victory
the seven seals are open ( the son is risen)
that's good news from the tomb
a seven thunders message
for rapturing faith
by blood we'll make it through 


Verse 2

Some have fallen in battle
some led astray 
but there are some wounded soldiers 
that need healing today
nothing is impossible
these dry bones can live
the blood will restore 
thats thus said the Lord
oh glory to God


Hallelujah , let freedom reign
Emancipation is here
shout the sword of the Lord
the battle is won
let freedom reign

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