segunda-feira, 21 de março de 2011

The Visitation Day

 The Visitation Day

I saw, when a fisherman left their nets and followed Him Why not be from that moment nothing more important to be
I saw Zaqueus deny their actions and hasty returnTo fix what's wrong committed
I saw so many Gadarene He freed serene 

 With such authority that the power of evil that droveI saw women in pities a river of tears shed
And did it because that was all they had to offer 

And with your hair dry his feet with such devotion 
He loved them and wiped his dark past
I saw tremendous miracles He did in profusion

As a sign of the day of visitation
 Saw the stones children of Abraham He raised
And these were to forever The Worship

And what they all had almost the same in commonIt's just that nobody would love them if not for Jesus

Today is the day of visitation 
Dying without forgiveness 
He loves the little
The hope is renewed strength 

Jubilee then the good news 
There is a chance for you
Today is the day of visitation
Deity tread the ground
Nothing else is impossible
Thieves even dying
If you recognize the
Today you will be in paradise

This is only a simple translation and not a version.

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